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5 Day /7 Night Landscape Photography Workshop at Celtic Inn France

France offers some of the finest landscape photography in the world. A country rich in culture, it is a dream destination for many photographers, professional and amateur both.

Join me on an unforgettable 5 day photography workshop through France’s Pays de la Loire region, where you will photograph some of its beautiful scenery. Along the way, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn how to improve your own photography with informal lectures and one-to-one attention. Half way during your week you will have 1 day free time.


This trip is about improving your photography as well as getting out and about in stunning locations. I will be out shooting with you every day, helping you get the shots you’re after and introducing you to new ways of seeing, so you get images you never thought of before. As such, the workshop is targeted to a wide range of people.

From the advanced amateur who is looking to refine his or her technique, to someone who has recently started to cultivate their passion and is looking for a guiding hand to master the technical and compositional aspects of the art.

What You Will Learn

There will be few classroom sessions on this trip, as most lectures will be conducted in the field, weather permitting.  There will be are plenty of informal demonstrations on such things as:

  • How to make a good exposure
  • Understanding aperture and depth of field
  • Shooting technique and how to eliminate camera shake and vibration
  • Photographing panoramas with a view to digital stitching
  • How to use filters (polarizing and neutral density)
  • The basics of good composition, and when to break the rule
  • How to use RAW to maximise your image’s potential

In the evenings, we will discuss such topics as:

  • Optimising your image in Photoshop and other applications such as photomatix and Nik Software:
  • Curves
  • Local contrast enhancement
  • Contrast masking
  • Eliminating colour fringing and halos
  • Understanding colour spaces
  • Accurate printing

As well as all that there will be regular critique sessions in the evenings where we can look at what was successful and what wasn’t about each other’s images. These sessions are an invaluable tool in improving your photos as they show you exactly what you did wrong (and right!), allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

Workshop Times

In order to take best advantage of the light, the workshop will run from 7am to 6.30pm. During the winter months, the start and finish times will be scheduled around sunrise and sunset.


This is the basic itinerary.

Upon arrival at La Rochelle/Nantes airport or La Roche Sur Yon TGV train station you will be picked up my bus and brought to our Hotel – Celtic Inn France, Vendee in West France where you will stay for seven nights during your week in France. We can all get to know each other over a nice glass of wine or cold beer and I will run through the itinerary for the week.

Over a period of 5 days tuition you will be brought to a number of beautiful locations in the region, where you will have plenty of opportunities to shoot some stunning scenery and interesting subjects in a relaxed environment. Some locations may not be accessible due to weather conditions or we may be better served by a different spot on the day for some other reason (better light, etc). If this is the case, I will inform everyone at the start of the day, and offer an alternative subject for the day’s photography.  If the weather is particularly poor, we will spend time in a studio setting using photographic lights to practicing indoor creative techniques.  I will provide hands on advice to you in a personal and friendly way during the course of each day. At the end of the week you will have learned many new skills which should provide a strong stepping stone to progress your photographic skills.

The general format of the workshop will involve – shooting in the morning and afternoon with a studio/critique session at the end of the day. On the final day of your stay you will be brought back to La Rochelle airport/ La Roche Sur Yon TGV station..

What you will need

You should have a digital SLR (or any digital camera which has manual controls). A tripod is also highly recommended.  At some locations you could be walking up to 2 km maximum, so a reasonable level of mobility is needed.

Where will we visit

Each day you will be visiting a different location.  The locations have been chosen to practice the techniques that you will learn throughout your stay.                              Here are some of the places we will explore.

The Ile de Ré – a picturesque island near to La Rochelle

La Rochelle – a beautiful renaissance city with wonderful architecture and busy market

The Marais Poitevin National Park – a landscape and wildlife photographers dream

Mervant zoological park – a great place to practice close animal composition

Vouvant – a quintessential French village with castle walls and small winding streets

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